Rearranging space

One of the things a librarian has to do from time to time is think about space. I actually love doing this. Weeding, shifting furniture, planning new things: These are the things dreams are made of.

Ok, many people would hate the thought of getting rid of books, but honestly, I love knowing that daggy books that will make the library look bad are going are there’s more space for new ones (Plus we got rid of 6 packed trolleys by giving them away to teachers and students share the book love!). I also loved the space we created in the non-fiction section, but we still had some space issues.

So this term we:

  • Condensed Teacher Reference (not by weeding, just re-shuffling) to open up a whole extra wall of shelf space. We moved Student reference and S-Z of Graphic novels to this space (see map. The numbered spaces are classrooms within the library. They have a mixture of admin events, permanent classes, wide reading and assignment time bookings).
  • Used the space from moving Student reference to re-shuffle non-fiction, creating lots more breathing space (badly needed in the 700s and 900s).
  • Created a whole new space for picture books (which were formerly at the end of fiction), thus creating the Picture Book Nook (which in the last few weeks also has wireless headphones for audiobook listening at lunchtime).

Our library space. I must add: the entrance is to the left of circulation and the exit to the right, closest to my office.

Having more space in non-fiction has meant we can put in shelf dividers with signage, making the space more user-friendly. We had some Grade 6 and 7 students in from a local primary school on a transition day and I tested my library orientation worksheet and scavenger hunt on them (mixed success, but lots of ideas to review in time for next year).

Maybe it’s the fact I spend too much time on apartment therapy and Pinterest, or the fact that I really like my own apartment and it doesn’t need any work, but I love having a space I can review and then play with. I actually research supermarket psychology and apply it to the space (which is why the display table is front and centre at the entrance). It’s fun to watch whether students use areas as intended or whether they come up with totally new eye-opening ways of interacting with the spaces. I also can’t wait to renovate part of the “Wide Reading Area” into a Collaborative IT space next year.

I hope.




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