One of those days

One of those days where:

  • The librarian who does the other .3 of the job is away.
  • The teacher aide (who knows all the tech better than I do) is away, and unlike teachers, teacher aides don’t get replaced if they’re away for a day.
  • You have a class
  • You have 2 wide reading classes.
  • The best thing about the day is someone cancelling so you can eat lunch
  • There are a million more books to shelve than usual (I don’t normally have to do any shelving at all on a day to day basis!)

It was just one of those days. If it could happen, it did. Slowly or badly, it did.

I’m actually a teacher librarian who still has classes. So, because it’s reporting time, I have 50+ papers from very bright students to mark and get reported on by tomorrow. Challenge accepted.

A busy lunchtime. View of fiction shelves, flatscreen TV (videos and documentaries on rotation) and OPAC computers.

Not a pic from today (no time!) but about how many kids were using the library- although this is only a tiny percentage of the library space.


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