Fortnight Faculty Fights- HPE Fortnight


If you had a look at my schedule, you might have notices that I have Fortnight Faculty Fights. This is a chance for each department to have some library space and promote their subjects and love for their areas (plus the best at the end of the year will win prizes!). HPE had a lot of ideas but in the end, put a display in an odd corner of the library. They had plans for 2 WiiFits set up, but didn’t do that until the last 2 days of ther allocated time! We kept them in their a little longer anyway.

It was a bit disappointing. I need to think about how staff and heads see this as a chore- something else to do- rather than an opportunity. It’s a chance to get kids into their subject area and promote that, but I don’t think that’s apparent yet. Something for me to reflect upon and improve in term 2.


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