New term’s To Do list

Whoever said librarians sat around reading or shelving should be slapped (ok, our last one DID just seem to sit at her computer all day, but she wasn’t the norm).

We have a three day week next week, what with Easter Monday and ANZAC Day, but here’s my Tuesday To Do list:

  • Create Year 12 Ancient History closed reserve (fall of the Roman republic)
  • Create Year 9 Science closed reserve (minerals and their manufacturing into household products)
  • Set up “The cover was blue” display
  • Make “I can be borrowed” for main display table
  • File old display materials in new file box
  • Select 4 Wide Reading titles for weeks 1-2 book chats.


Ideally, every child should hear a piece of literature read aloud every day

-Aiden Chambers, The Reading Environment


Weeks 1 and 2:

  • Create low level readers box as an alternative to some of the students’ browsing
  • Communicate to year 8 English teachers that teacher modelling is not optional during wide reading (During this time, there’s nothing more important)
  • Decide upon and implement 5 minute timed browsing system ASAP- students are avoiding reading through browsing
  • Revise Wide Reading Qs- should they be dropped? Does it detract from the activity? Should we just stick to a bibliography activity? Will this get better with less browsing time?
  • Book chat strategy: read aloud. An extract from one of the recommended reads.
  • Contact SpeakersInk re: author talk
  • Talk to English HOD re: year 7 Wide Reading in 2015. Once a week? How to manage with limited library staff? “For the author book” idea. Students present author with book of work done in response to reading the author’s novel.
  • Update my reading wall with holiday reads.
  • Start advertising ETAQ competitions
  • WEDS NEWSLETTER: List key books/pages/journals/links on reading
  • IDEA: Bookstore visit for purchasing (with Teacher Aide/Library HOD?)
  • Classroom book graffitti walls trial?
  • Approach year 9 Essential English teacher re: book buying activity
  • Student book buying panel- have you read this? Is is suitable? Is it interesting?

And the usual:

  • Teach 10 and 11 English
  • Do wide reading with every year 8 class that comes into the library when I’m not teaching (if teaching, Teacher Aide takes wide reading sessions).

Might come up:

  • Colleague might want to create “Frozen” unit together? Look into.

So that’s my back to school list. I write fairly detailed lists so I don’t forget anything, but inevitably a lot more comes up over the next couple of weeks.

But first, to enjoy Easter.


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